Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
Waldo & Associates LLC is an Engineering and Land Surveying firm with the technical resources to successfully design and complete civil and environmental engineering projects throughout the northeast. Waldo's staff of professionals - engineers, hydrologists, soil scientists, regulatory specialists, and land surveyors - are expert in providing affordable and effective technical services to all projects. Our clients come both from the private and public sectors.
 Waldo's professionals have extensive experience in the design of residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial projects, highways, marinas, transportation facilities, and related infrastructure. We have successfully designed major residential and mixed-use developments, shopping centers, office parks, industrial developments, highway and roadway improvements, governmental projects, and recreational projects. (See “Project”.)
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Water Resources Management
Waldo has unsurpassed capability in all inland and coastal water resources programs. Our services include resource inventory, planning, assessment, design, and permit coordination as well as construction engineering in the following areas:

- Flood hazard determinations
- Flood Insurance Study revisions
- Flood control project design and implementation
- Inland and tidal wetland impact analysis, enhancement, and mitigation
- Stormwater Management plans utilizing Best Management Practices
- Sedimentation and Erosion Control plans
- Hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling
- Coastal Area Management plans and Consistency Statements
- Flood Hazard Mitigation assistance
Land Surveying
Our surveying and mapping expertise includes topographic mapping; boundary and land acquisition surveys; residential and commercial subdivision design; photogrammetric control; and construction layout of dams, highways, railroads, utilities, bridges, and buildings.
Construction Engineering
Waldo & Associates LLC's construction engineering experience includes transportation (highways, bridges, railroads, airports, marine facilities), flood control, utility pipeline, sanitary and storm sewer, water distribution, and major residential, commercial, and industrial development projects. Our multi-disciplinary team enables construction projects to progress smoothly while assuring full compliance with contract plans and specifications.

Waldo's broad experience with construction practices makes it specifically qualified to aid Cities, Towns, Lending Institutions, and Private Clients in developing contracts, setting payment schedules, and inspecting large and small projects designed by others. This process assures clients of independent control of their asset.
​Construction Contracts
Waldo's technical and project management skills combine to ensure cost effective, successful results. After years of experience in managing all technical aspects of challenging projects, Waldo has the professional resources to meet our client’s individual needs and challenges.
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Coastal Area Management
Cost Effective Solutions
Stormwater Management and Drainage Systems
Water Quality Studies
Wastewater System Design
Waldo's team of regulatory specialists is well qualified to identify the requirements and provide assistance to achieve proper regulatory compliance. Having worked for various state and federal agencies, Waldo's personnel are familiar with regulatory agencies and rapidly changing environmental and land use ordinances, laws, and regulations. The firm’s professionals frequently appear before regulatory commissions and agencies to present expert testimony in connection with land use applications and policies.
Environmental Permit & Regulatory Compliance
Waldo & Associates LLC possesses outstanding experience in a broad range of programs related to coastal environmental regulation including analyzing hazards related to coastal flooding, erosion and wave dynamics, placement of structures, and dredging in navigable waters. Waldo’s engineers have substantial experience in computer applications that model wave run up, coastal storm surges, and coastal hydrodynamics.
Waldo's hydraulic engineers are foremost experts in preparing detailed stormwater management studies, which include inventory; mapping; and analysis of culverts, bridges, open channels, and storm sewers for their flow capacity and long-term adequacy.
The firm also has significant experience in water quality improvement projects including design of sanitary sewer systems and impact analysis of development on water quality.
Waldo’s engineers have designed and supervised construction of wastewater treatment and disposal systems ranging from residential and community subsurface wastewater renovation systems to industrial and municipal collection and treatment systems. Projects include: subsurface disposal systems for large facilities; feasibility analysis and design of extension to municipal sanitary sewers; and the analysis, design and construction management of pump stations